Serious Illness Cover

Pays you a lump sum if you become critically ill

R1 million cover from as little as R190 pm*

*Cover and premiums are dependent on individual risk profiles

Protect your financial wellbeing

What would happen to you and your loved ones if you were ever diagnosed with a serious illness? Serious Illness Cover direct from Liberty takes the financial pressure off you and your family by paying out a lump sum in the event that you are diagnosed with cancer, undergo open heart surgery, or suffer a heart attack or stroke.


Tax-free lump sum payout of up to R2 million

Direct application

Hassle-free cover

What we offer you

Tax-free lump sum payout of up to R2 million

In the event that you are diagnosed with a serious illness by an appropriate specialist, a cash lump sum will be paid out to you. You can use this money to help with the costs associated to your illness or in any way you choose.

Direct application 

When you apply for direct cover with Liberty, everything is done over the phone in a simple one-step process – no application forms or full medicals required.

Hassle-free cover

This cover is straightforward and easy-to-understand and is based on individual risk profiles.

What’s covered?

Heart attack

Definition: the death of a portion of the heart muscle as a result of inadequate blood supply. Heart attacks must be confirmed by a cardiologist, with evidence of characteristic medical (typical clinical) symptoms. These include acute ECG changes, which are generally accepted as indicative of a heart attack, raised biochemical markers indicating death of the heart muscle, and permanent pathological ECG changes, indicative of a heart attack, at least six weeks later.


Definition: the death of brain tissue as a result of insufficient blood supply or bleeding within the skull. A stroke must be confirmed by a CAT scan or MRI. A neurologist must supply confirmation that neurological signs and symptoms of dead brain tissue are still present three months after the event.


Definition: a malignant solid tumour that is characterised by uncontrolled growth of malignant cells and invasion of the tissue of origin. Cancer of the blood, requiring either chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a bone marrow transplant. Prostate cancer, only if the tumour can be felt on examination. Non-melanoma skin cancer, only if the tumour is larger than 2 cm. Kaposi's sarcoma is excluded. There is a three-month waiting period for cancer claims from the cover start date and cover must be in place for three months before you are diagnosed.

Open heart surgery

Cover only applies if you undergo open heart surgery that requires division of the breast bone (sternum).

What’s not covered?

You won’t be covered if you die within two weeks of being diagnosed with an illness, or if your illness results from self-harm. In the case of cancer, your cover must have been in place for at least three months before you are diagnosed. If you are diagnosed with cancer before three months have passed, you will not be able to claim. Your cover doesn’t apply if your illness occurs as a result of breaking the law or intentionally exposing yourself to war or war-like activities. You also won’t be covered for any exclusions outlined in your policy.

What about HIV tests?

We need you to have an HIV test within 90 days of your cover start date. If you don’t have the test or if your results come back reactive, you’ll only be covered for cancer. Our blood tests are free and our nurses will come to you.

Who can apply?

Any South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 60 with a bar-coded ID and a bank account may apply for cover. You must be taking out the cover for yourself.

Ready to apply?

Have your height and weight details on hand, ID number and 30 minutes available for the application process.

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